Portfolio of Can Ur - Game Developer, Designer & Musician Portfolio of Can Ur - Game Developer, Designer & Musician

Hello there!

Have a warm welcome!

Helloooo there, my name is Can Ur (Yes, that is a very short name)
Pronunciation "John"

I am a Game Developer, Designer & Musician
@ The University of the Arts (Utrecht, Netherlands).

As of yet I am a third year Game Development student.
Oh, yeah, I also make music. I play lead guitar in a band called NEMSIS
I also make compositions in MIDI, which you can find here

What is Game Development?

In my perspective Game Development is the progression of a digital mechanic. A technological artist. Learning new techniques / mechanics / design patterns for game architectures. Developers work behind-the-scenes, on the 'framework' that lurks behind all interactive applications nowadays.
Thinking of new mechanics, designing, iterating and implementing is what keeps me going.
Last but not least, interesting mechanics for me, are the keys for innovative/experimental game design.

Curriculum Vitae

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