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Game Developer

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I've taught myself Java around the age of 13. I initially began with creating mods for Minecraft. After this I fairly quickly made a switch to Game Programming, and creating of my own. I started working on a tiled 2D engine in LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library)
This eventually became PixelThrive. After some more experiments, time brings me here.
And by now I've worked on a variety of interesting projects in C++, C#, Python, Java, HTML5 & CSS, Arduino, PICO-8/LUA, Construct 2, and primarily Unity (C#).

Besides focusing on programming I also like to be engaged with Video Editing, Art, Psychology, Composing music, Illustrating (for concept phase/prototyping), Philosophy, PR & Marketing and overall mixed-media purposes.

My Passion for art & entertainment, what it entails and what the medium of Games can achieve in this age give me the very motivation to be actively engaged with detail and precision on the conceptual side. Give me the freedom to discuss and fuel a process, and I will work for building the best out of any concept.

The things that interest me the most?

As my enthusiasm shifts per project -I'm simply way too curious- as of yet I would say:

- Procedural Algorithms & Generation (Because screw linearity)

- Building AI Systems for adding detail & illusive sentience to existing game meta.

- Experimental Gameplay mechanics

- Creating new moods, themes and vibes in games by blending already-established design rules and ideas, and morphing them into new unique manifestations.

- Using the power of gaming to subtly(!) teach players about certain topics.
(And in my opinion what a lot of Serious Games do wrong)

- Gaming as an artform; Like the media of Music, Painting, Theatre and Film already are.
I like to analyze the properties of each expressive medium and what it can achieve,
so to break existing boundaries of gaming.

working with a 3D printer

See my Development process for ChivalryChef (+ Code!)

Procedural lowpoly planet screenshot
Procedural lowpoly planet in Unity scene view
Globix handwritten terrain building Java game pixelthrive terraria clone 2d game old desktop computer operating system simulation in a game
SCP - The Escape 2D adventure horror game written in Java RPG Maker game made when I was young

designer icon

Sugar, Why So Bitter? NEMSIS EP Release Poster made by CanPixel

I call myself an independent designer in the sense that I love to indulge myself into the more conceptual side of projects, and handling all the aspects of it myself.
The way of thinking that connects the Narrative, Art, Mechanics and Core Concept logically together for a fresh user-end experience.
Such as starting out with a prototype, and having an unfortunate little glitch ultimately inspire me to build a logical narrative structure, look, feel & purpose around it as a whole, building it into an interesting playable game concept.

Visual projects such as working graphic designs in Illustrator and video editing are also part of my skillset.
I've been the art director for my band's EP Release event (7th of June, 2019), being the lead designer for the promotional event poster. Along with this process I took the responsibility of arranging and scheduling my interactive game Koo-Koo (and managing additional required crew members), an art exhibition and last but not least a support act for my band, all as part of the mixed-media event.

CanPixel self portrait digital art Game Developers Conference 2019 Pass, GDC

Glasskopf poster design for game concept Glasskopf One Page Design Document for game concept

Musician & Composer
Icon for Musician and Composer

Can tuning his guitar during a live gig

Aside from Game Development & Design, I love making music! I compose on my own, but I also play in a band called NEMSIS.

NEMSIS is a young rock band that bites you right back!
Forged in Haarlem a couple of years ago, a strong bond was created that can be seen and heard.
This results in an extraordinary mix of raw guitars, vivid vocals and lunatic sounds where you can't put a finger on where they come from. They call it: Modern-Oriental Grungepop.

3v12 NH (a Dutch multimedia platform for pop music) called them ‘epic’, ‘original’ and ‘energetic’, after their performance in the finals of the Rob Acda Awards 2018 , where they eventually won all the prizes.

This show plus shows at Young Art festival, Indie In Town and as the opening act on the grand stage of Bevrijdingspop 2018– the reward for winning the Rob Acda Awards- resulted in a buzz, that gets louder with every performance.
After a long wait our debut EP "Sugar, Why so Bitter?" has finally reached the surface of the earth, during the successful releaseshow on June 7th in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam!

Besides playing in NEMSIS, I also make instrumental MIDI songs for projects.
Check my MIDI tracks

NEMSIS EP Sugar, Why So Bitter? Released on Vinyl
"Sugar, Why so Bitter?" EP production on vinyl!

NEMSIS playing live NEMSIS playing live NEMSIS playing live NEMSIS playing live


NEMSIS on NPO 3FM! (Dutch Radio, 2019)

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem 2018 Aftermovie

First Round of Rob Acda Awards (2017/2018)

NEMSIS in Brigant, Arnhem (2019)

My favorite game(s)?

There is enough to blabber on about, but here are a few:

Shadow of the Collossus: It fascinates me how this game works with the scaling. The contrast between gi-normous and eenie-meenie-little-bitty tiny. Also, how this game achieves the mechanic of climbing onto huge entities, that all have their own "brain". Amazing.

The Escapists: A fun top-down 2D game, where you have to figure out ways of escaping prison. How the A.I works intrigues me. And also leaving the player up to his own ideas, is great in my opinion. There are multiple ways of escaping.

Silent Hill 2: Breathtaking psychological horror, with one of THE best atmospheres. The pure existance of this thing called terror, manifesting within you. The game achieves this without jumpscares, f*cking b*llocks.

Team Fortress 2: Awesome art style, fun competitive gameplay, a vast variety of items and wearables, good teamwork pays off quite nicely and there are multiple gamemodes. Also, it's free. I kinda miss this game.

Favorite gadget(s):

The Nintendo (3)DS: Small portable console, with 3D graphics and a touchscreen, and it's not an ordinary basic smartphone. I find that quite nice.

Nintendo Switch: The versatility of the Nintendo Switch simply amazes me. I also love the modular aspect of the console, and how the device evolves its setup depending on which game title you are playing. Very cool! Bundled with its compact-ness, this device is something that inspires me as a Designer.

Me meeting Jabrils at GDC 2019
Custom CanPixel cake

Custom made CanPixel socks

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