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"Size Doesn't Matter"

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"It's nice!" - Fisken

"This game is gr8" - Dr. Vivid

"This game is houseblowing" - Ca$h


BIQ is a project/mechanics experiment I worked on in april of 2015.

It is made in the Construct 2 engine. This is a 2D Game engine based on events sheets and variables. It is easy to use, and versatile. In my opinion it also gives the user more possibilities than other likewise engines such as GameMaker.
I used an old version of the engine, making the game buggy on some new versions of Google Chrome.

A sidescroller platformer for one player (but planned for up to four). For now only singleplayer works.


The game is playable in browser, or as a standalone file for Mac, Windows or Linux.
Some elements may be negatively affected on some browser versions.

BIQ is made in the 2D HTML5-based engine Construct 2.
All concepts, mechanics and stylistic choices are tailored by me.
The sounds and textures are made by people I've met through online gaming communities.
There may be some edgy or pseudo-adult themes featured within the dialogue of this game (in a humoristic way), however this does not influence the core gameplay which is kid-friendly.
For most ages


Kormandy is a small and especially cozy town,
where ironically the biggest university of the country is placed. The town is known for its very close-tied and engaging population.

In the game you play as one of many biLEDs (bipedal LED Robot), crafted by Professor Bryce, lead engineer of Kormandy.
He extensively studied Engineering back in the day. This was at the University of Nationally Universal Machines Empowering Trading and Learning, along with his best friend Angus. They would be the two best Engineering students of the university.
After two years they diverged, choosing different specialisations. Because of this they lost contact.

In the year 2134, technology and traditional culture are finally in balance according to the inhabitants. All historical landmarks and antique elements are intact. The town is known for being a haven for tourists. But a great danger is lurking over the town...

One night, Professor Bryce notices a giant silhouette emerging from the distant horizon that is nearing the town.

Swiftly he feels the need to protect his hometown, using his only strength; His PhD in engineering.
and he crafts a small bipedal acrobatic robot, which he calls the biLED. He deploys these robots as a protective force. Now it's up to you to dismantle the giant robot, before the town is obliterated!
You run as fast as you can to the giant robot, and you notice a word written on the main frame: "C H A O T R O N V1".
As you near the robot, you also hear some sort of human voice; The robot has a speaker?!

Further story details
- Destruction Insurance Company of Kormandy (D.I.C.K) is the insurance company of Kormandy, which uses taxes on all of your earnings, to rebuild the city.
- After every loss of a Chaotron, Angus learns from his mistakes and builds a more complex and stronger Chaotron with more and/or different more effective traps. This fact also would make sense with the game's difficulty curve.
- Maybe every 5 levels (each level being a face off with a Chaotron) Angus would design a specially themed Chaotron, where he would invest more money in to his creation to also add decorative pieces. (So every 5 levels you have a menacing looking "boss stage".
- Bryce's BiLEDs basicly are small little humanoid robots that are very agile and are programmed to be able to climb the Chaotrons and destroy them. BiLED is a name consisting of wordplays of Biped and LED light, because they are bipedal and have a LED light on their chest indicating health.
- BiLEDs could consist of different materials as in-game upgrades. Perhaps with stronger health, health regen or other perks.

Future Ideas

- Destruction Insurance (and money system) - Intelligent cannon
- Civilians NPCs
- The Tutoritron (Tutorial level)
- Jetpacks / Movement upgrades
- Chaotron being able to crush player
- TV monitor for cutscenes
- Spawn point dependent of chaotron progress
- Randomly generated chaotrons
- Jetpacks
- Achievements

Game Modes

- Time based, where a Chaotron is traversing through/towards a city and you have to disable the Chaotron before the city gets destroyed.
- Score based, where you score points by doing certain stuff to the robot where both parties can upgrade with points and the person who could buy the last upgrade wins the game.
- Small Objectives (achievement race), where either party gets small objectives like reaching certain points on the robot. The one with the most objectives when the time runs out, wins the game.
- Capture the flag, 2 biLED teams have to capture flag(s) that are positioned on a neutral chaotron in the middle of the map.
- Race between 2 biLED teams, with random (de)buffs after certain amount of time.


Key Action
A & D Movement
W / Space Jump
← & → Dive (Mid air)
E Interact / Place Bomb
P Detonate Bomb(s)

When in mid-air you can do a dolphin dive-maneuvre by jumping in a specific direction and holding the respective
directional arrow key (← & →).
With this you can grab onto ledges and climb onto hard to reach surfaces.*

* except the Chaotron leg, which is meant to be ran on at the right time, using it as a ramp to jump on to the giant robot.

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