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Life Sentence

Stealth Prison Escape, a game designed out of a glitch, inspired by the Dead Kennedys

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Life Sentence is a multi-2D (let me explain) Stealth Prison AI game project I made a prototype of.
This originated as a school assignment, and simultaneously would be me experimenting with different camera angles.


The concept was that the game would be built with four switching perspectives (like the indie puzzle-platformer Fez). So in a sense you could see this as four 2D-perspectives, four different game levels at the same time, or altogether call it one 2.5D game.
You as the player would be able to constantly switch which direction you would play on. This idea intrigued me!

At one point I came across an unfortunate-but-eventually-fortunate bug during the viewport set-up. This bug would cause the player to move independently from these four angles, so you could rotate freely from the left to the right directions while the perspectives would be locked to the four.

This led me to eventually regard this bug as the main mechanic of the entire game!
Besides this, I gave the game a paper-ish aesthetic reminiscent of artstyles like Paper Mario. This allowed the game to be centered around a paper theme. Interesting to say the least!

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