Ohm, My Lord!

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"Resistance is futile, and utterly inefficient."

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"Combining forces! Synergy!"

"It kind of looks like Cuphead"

Electronics ain't rocket science!

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Ohm, My Lord!
Teaching electronic circuit basics to noobs, in a fierce bullet hell roguelike combat scenario.

The game features a procedural map with electronic components that come per room and try to kill (short circuit) the player. Some of these enemy NPC components can combine (such as a potmeter and an LED) to become more powerful, new synergetic entities. Enemy AI is aware of this, and its surroundings regarding other NPCs, making them act out on logical desires/combinations at certain circumstances.

To name a few of the current NPCs in the game, you have an LED. This is a medium-ranged enemy that shoots electrical bolts. As a contrast to this you also have the POT (potmeter) enemy. This is a slower, more close-ranged enemy relying on stronger melee attacks.

These electronic components can combine forces to form electrical circuits (Boss battle-esque / Circuit maze encapsulating the player) which adds more depth to playstyle, and strategy & complexity to the overall game.

A hectic, electrifying AI-driven Roguelike Dungeon Crawler / Shoot Em Up for one player.

For all ages


The entire game is made in the Unity engine.

The concept, all the mechanics, sounds, music, art/visuals and design choices were made by me.

This project contains the following regarding AI:
- NPC react to each other
- Prioritising target enemy, fighting each other

- NPC react to environment
- Finding Charging Dock (for regaining health)

- NPC react to player
- Attacking & Chasing

- NPC has at least 2/3 behavioral states (Idle doesn't count)
- Chase & Attack (+ When hit target & fight with other NPCs)
- Flee & Recharge (Prioritising health > damaging targets)
- Custom NPC Synergy-Combo System, based on priority & situational efficiency

- NPC has pathfinding algorithm (Planner AI, A*, Dijkstra, Potential Fields, Boids)
- Enemy NPCs use an A* pathfinding algorithm

- Behavior Tree (self written)
- With Action, Timer, Sequence, Selector and Inverter Nodes inheriting from an interface -> abstract class architecture.

Behavior Tree



Key Action
W A S D Move around
Mouse Move aiming reticle around
Left Mouse Button Shoot electric bolt


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