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My entry assignment

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PixelCan is an infinite scroller for one player, with a variety of levels and a linear difficulty curve.

The game works by moving randomly generated level parts/platforms constantly to the left. By this you keep getting new platforms.


The game is playable in your browser, or as a standalone file on Mac, Windows or Linux.
Depending on the browsers (such as Chrome) a couple of elements may not function correctly. Please keep this in mind.

PixelCan is made in the 2D HTML5-based game engine Construct 2.
All textures, sounds, music, concepts, mechanics and stylistic choices are made by me.

For all ages.


PixelCan is about me, Can Ur, the adventure of an ambitious Game Developer who is filled with endless ideas, but still wants to learn more about game design and development.
This is my adventurous story of getting admitted to the HKU, and studying Game Development.
It's a huge battle against the ‘negativities’ of the study, of which I am trying to escape. (By constantly running to the right).
By doing my best to survive and make progress, I will eventually reach my goal. And that's the motto of this game. (#realism)


Controls are very simple, relying on the arrow keys or the W-A-S-D keys to move (← & →) and to jump. (↑ / Space)

I had wild ideas for this game. For example, to add small buildings and structures where you would have to traverse through, so the game would break free from the "standard infinite side-scroller"-idea. But due to time constraints, I have decided to keep it simple, and stupid.


The Making of:

Movement: A (left), D (right)
Jump: W / Space


- This game uses cookies to save your highscore, even 
after the game has been closed.
- The levels are a bit more balanced and 

- Different levels:
Untill 50 meters: The "Wooden"-level, this is quite simple 
and acts as a beginning; The player can get used to the game.

After 50 meters: The so-called "Abstract"-level, where the
platforms are more spaced out. Some platforms have more complex
rotations, to fit the Mondriaan-esque theme of this part.

After 150 meters: The "Metal"-level, platforms are 
less frequent, and THEY ARE MOVING!
Now we're talking.

After 400 meters: The "Ice"-level. Platforms are even faster now!
This part has no mercy on the player.

Eventually after 800 meters, you get a mix of all levels in one. 
Good luck getting to 1km!
- Various bug fixes
- Sound and music added! (doesn't work in-browser)

There may be problems, depending on the browser you're using.
- New versions of Chrome freeze the game at start.

If this happens, try the download link for the stand-alone file below.

Download PixelCan

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