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2D Sandbox in Java

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PixelThrive is an Open World game, taking influence from games such as Terraria. This project was made by me in collaboration with a few other people, among which a co-programmer and a texturer. The game was made in 2014.

Procedurally generated world.
2D survival with a Crafting System.
A real-time shop with items being on sale at specific moments.

The game is completely written in Java from scratch, running its own 2D engine based on LightWeight Java Game Library.

For one up to six players
Multiplayer was planned, but hasn't been finished.


The game is a standalone .exe file for Windows (only).
PixelThrive is made in Java.
All concepts, mechanics and stylistic choices are handmade by Pixelbolt Std.
(Small indie group of two programmers, a voice actor and a texture artist)

For ages 12+
Adult themes & crude humor.


Key Action
Left Mouse Destroy Block
A, D Movement
W / Space Jump
E Toggle Inventory
Enter Open Chat
/ Type Command
C See Available Commands/Cheats
L Toggle Experience Upgrades Display

'Teaser trailer'


The last update of the game was in 2016.

- Added the game core

- localhost IP - Multiplayer in general
- world saving/loading
- Industrial stuff
- Inventory Presets
- Quest system and player leveling (not skills' EXP)
- Achievements
- Cactus
- Add Beds
- Food
- Customization System
- Weather

The game is quite buggy, being one of the earliest projects of mine.
This was more of an experiment, than a project with a specific goal.
Therefore, I have learned a lot from this experiment.

Download PixelThrive (.jar file)PixelThrive gameplay screenshot

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