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First Java Game

Overall info
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SCP - The Escape was the first project I've made, in april of 2015.

This game is coded from scratch in Java. One of the first self-coded projects, making the game pretty buggy. (Of course) It was one huge learning process for me as a developer. I came across a variety of technical concepts and challenges, and these have helped me progress further. SCP - The Escape is a sidescroller action/horror platformer for one player.


The game is only available as a standalone .jar for Windows.
Also, the game is pretty much unplayable due to its bugs and lack of optimisation, causing frequent crashes.

SCP - The Escape is coded in a custom 2D tile-engine, written in Java. I have reused some assets / textures on later projects such as PixelThrive.
All concepts, mechanics and stylistic choices are made by me.
The textures are made by a collection of texture-artist friends I've met through gaming.
The music and sounds were grabbed from online sources (Now I prefer making them myself).
The game is meant for fans of horror, even though the game itself might not be excruciatingly terrifying.


SCP - The Escape is based on the community fiction of the SCP-Wiki.

The game features three different gamemodes based on elements of the wiki, of which are:

- Class-D
- SCP-058
- MTF (Rounds-based Horde mode)

In Class-D-mode you play as a "test-subject" that got stuck in the SCP facility. All dangerous SCPs have scaped their containments. The staff is getting mauled one by one by these creatures, and it is up to you to escape the facility unharmed.

In SCP-058-mode you play as this thing.

This gamemode is more Stealth-oriented. This time, you are the monster wanting to escape. Armed guards will be in your way trying to stop you from getting out. The player gets the option to distract, kill or avoid them.

In MTF (Horde)-mode you play as said armed security guard. As a contrast to the previous gamemodes, this one is more arcadelike and has rounds-based gameplay. Each round you encounter a random SCP that is featured in the game. Based on your luck you might get a safe, neutral or hostile SCP entity. You have unlimited bullets, so shoot away and try to get as far as possible! After each round, you receive points which you can spend on a plethra of upgrades within the Gun Shop.


Key Action
A, D Move around
Space Jump
L Shift (Hold) Run
E Manage Inventory
F (in Class-D Mode) Manual Blink
M Fixed Camera
G Toggle Black/White & Slomo (Cinematic Effect)

Playthrough by Yamimash

The game gets a buggy-score of 9/10!

Download SCP - The Escape


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