Mixed-Media EP Release Party | sugarwhysobitter

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Mixed-media EP Release Party


Mixed-Media EP Release Party | sugarwhysobitter

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"Sugar, Why so Bitter?"

Bitterzoet, Amsterdam [07-06-2019]

After a long wait the debut EP "Sugar, Why so Bitter?" has finally reached the surface of the earth, during the successful releaseshow on June 7th in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam!
We fully organised this event ourselves, and handled tasks such as scheduling the pre-show aswell as the breaks in-between acts, marketing the event, planning, creating visuals and more.
Placing Koo-Koo as an interactive installation during breaks inbetween our opener act and our own was my idea.
Gaming and Music during a live event seemed to work surprisingly well! :)
We had a lot of good reactions from mixed audiences (young & old), and the overall event was a success!

The aspects of the event I've handled:
- Playing & performing myself (Lead guitar)
- Marketing the event & producing promotional content
- Designing a poster, that links directly to the online event on facebook.
- Designing a timetable & producing in quantities
- Finding companies that can produce said posters & timetables in masses, with a discount!
- Decorating the indoors for the event (custom balloons, timetables on the walls, little stand for buying our EP vinyls)
- Booking & planning Koo-Koo in certain timeslots for the best flow for the event

Recap Video

Design work

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