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Hello there!

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Can playing guitar in NEMSIS

Helloooo there, my name is Can! (yes, that is a very short name) - Pronunciation "John"

I am a Game Developer, Designer & Musician @ The University of the Arts (Utrecht, Netherlands).

As of yet I am a third year Game Development student.
Oh, yeah, I also make music. I play lead guitar in a band called NEMSIS
I also make compositions in MIDI, which you can find here

What is Game Development?

In my perspective Game Development is the building process of a core of mechanics, and the tailoring of the arising dynamics.
Piece by piece, watching how these mechanics connect eachother, to emphasize a greater whole.

Development mostly goes on behind-the-scenes, on the very frameworks that hide behind most applications of this age.
Conceptualizing new ideas, finding the best design, iterating and implementing upon that is what drives my ambition for creating entertaining,
educational, insightful and inspiring works of interactive art, entertainment and innovation.

The Key to Fun, Innovative Game Design

Is to look out-of-the-box for experimental mechanics, bridging elements together, and ultimately engulfing that with interesting game systems.

What would I call good Game Design?

Since my youth I've always had a specific fondness for Themes or Genres in a conceptual way.
Labels, that categorically define all the nooks and crannies of a certain concept.
These labels, even making childrens' birthday parties distinct from eachother!
Think of topics like the typical "Pirate"-theme, time periods such as "Medieval", or even something vague like just "Animals".

In my optics these 'labels' are essential to any good film, game or art. A good theme adds conceptual merit, and expands the overarching headspace of the idea.
We as people like our ideas as clearly defined, and illustrated. We relate more to concepts that have this thematic 'branding'.
So I would say this makes game concepts 'catchy' -- just like music!

As the years progressed I never lost the interest to search for these clearly defined themes.
Ultimately, I have made this my design method for generating tons of ideas, regardless of art medium.
I am as of yet working on a philosophical piece that approaches defining this method

- What is Creativity?
- Where to start and how to define a point A and B, for the idea phase
- How do you get from point A to point B?
- Where does nuance/detail come from within a concept, and how is it novel?
- How to avoid difficulties in the design process

A way I want to highlight for others how to always be creative, and apply the design methods to create

Fun, Interesting, Nuanced Concepts

A working example of the creativity theory is Chivalry Chef
This game blends a Medieval theme (A) with a Cooking theme (B), in a fun, hectic and cartoony way.
By fusing those two design points together an excitingly fictitious game environment that only suggests more and more, is created.
A cartoony world that is in-line with both themes in a fun manner, begging you to bite into it for more detail!

Can at school tinkering around with custom handheld device
Picture of Can Picture of Can while playing live

AnyWalker Unity Procedural Level Generation Editor Tool

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